Ahad, 14 Februari 2010

"MOBS & Gift That Angel Send : Showers of Love Contest"

Dicatat oleh nurulazham di 1:37 PG

'Lil Sara is quite aggressive, always smile..
..and friendly to everyone even meet her for the first time.

Your name: Nurul Baizura Basrudin
Baby's name: Iffah Maisarah binti Azizul Azhami
Baby's age: 9 month (D.O.B : 23 May 2009)
Baby's gender: Girl
Your email address: nurbai_1718@yahoo.com.my

About this contest : CLICK HERE

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giftthatangelsend on 19 Februari 2010 7:29 PTG berkata...


This is from the sponsor. Thank you for your entry. We will update you once we have the winner list.

Thank you and have a nice day.



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